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Φ lucky charm 2024

Φ lucky charm 2024

2024 begins an era where the spirit world is connected to the human world.

The amulet that welcomes this year is based on the magical properties of the Greek letter Φ.

F (φ=1. 618) symbolizes the Golden Ratio, the divine proportion, the rendering of harmony and the loving approach to all beings on the planet. It is the code meaning of light because Φ means LIGHT (ΦΩΣ).

Its universal qualities connect our existence to our higher self, a harmonious unity that bows to theuniverse.

It is synthesized with green aventurine, the stone of the "Emperor".

It acts as a guardian and healer, balancing and protecting the heart chakra and the thymus gland, preventing energy attacks, as well as enhancing luck and abundance. We are all children of the Sun,souls with solar dna.

May you shine and prosper. Happy and BRIGHT year.

Neso Studio.

    130,00 €Price
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