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Neso Studio Spirit

Neso Studio Jewellery is handmade in Athens, using the lost technique of wax and sculpture on wax. It is cast in Silver 925 before being 24 karat gold-plated. The precious gemstones come in the studio from all over the world. Thanks to the shape of the raw stones, every piece is unique. At least 5 days are needed for us to complete every piece, to make the sculpture and then charge the piece with positive energy intended for the wearer. Pieces can be made in solid gold upon request. Please feel free to fall in love with your new little treasure .

The Story of Nesō

Jewelry inspired by all deep sea creatures and Nesō [Νησώ], the natural satellite of Neptune. 

Like this distant and irregular moon, nesō.studio traces its own, highly eccentric orbit in the world of modern jewelry design.

The cosmos of nesō.studio reflects the fluidity and uniqueness of life, staying true to the nature of the Nereid protectress of islands and waters, daughter of Nereus and granddaughter of Ocean. The essence of creation is captured in its organic, versatile jewelry, reminiscing of talismans in the form of shells, corals and pebbles.  

Micro-sculpture techniques are used to create the initial wax casts, which then become gold and silver jewelry, decorated with semi-precious and precious stones. 

Every single piece designed by nesō.studio becomes a modern heirloom. Inspired by magical creatures, deities and forgotten treasures of the Greek seas, it only surfaces to be reunited with its true owner, the one yearning to hear its story. 

The launch collection of nesō.studio is ΑΟ, named after the Japanese word for blue, the color of the skies, the sea and serenity. The only color to ever contest the sovereignty of gold. 

«Α» for the Greek word arhi [αρχή] that signifies the beginning and «Ο» for orama [όραμα], the designer’s vision that is now fulfilled. 

With a background in archaeology, art history, theatrical costumes and fashion, Zoe Xemantilotou decided to move forward from her career as art & creative director working with Greek fashion designer houses, costume designer and  PR in art galleries to finally establish her own brand and accomplish her artistic aspirations. 

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