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KA' Lucky Charm 20121

KA' Lucky Charm 20121

With this amulet jewelry We welcome the new year with the magic number 21. 

It symbolizes the closing circle, bringing a new way of being to a higher consciousness.

21 is a secret number of cosmic consciousness, 2 is the feminine energy of the universe and represents intuition, imagination, openness to love, while 1 is the masculine energy of the universe that represents the power, the action, the initiative and determination.

Inspired by the brightest celestial body, the Sun, the sacred symbol of the cycle that signifies the return of the soul from matter to spirit, and the Greek "KA" which represents the number 21.

It is composed of the mineral from the Astron family, "Labradorite", the stone of movement and union, the stone of the manifestation of our purpose on earth!

    120,00 €Price
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