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Neaera Necklace

Neaera Necklace

SKU: 140

NEAIRA (Neaera) was a nymph of the mythical island of Thrinakia, loved by the sun-god Helios.Neaira's name means "New-Rising" or "Newly-Risen" from the Greek words neos "new" and aeirô "to rise.''Herkimer Quartz "Diamonds" are the high energy seekers of the crystal world. Unusually transparent with a brilliant sparkle, they manifest pure, solid Light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. As perfect conduits of the universal Life Force, they are exceptional healing crystals, and are used in meditations, dream and vision work, and advanced spiritualization applications.Keep this “talisman”close to your heart, close you eyes and feel the light of Eos and the New Rise.''

    280,00 €Price
    Neaera Necklace: Gold
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